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 Nutrition Therapy Visit

Face to face appointment. We will come to your home, place of work, coffee shop, etc. to meet with you for nutrition therapy. We will do a complete assessment along with your personal nutrition plan

$125 initial,

$100 follow up    (INSURANCE ACCEPTED)

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Telephonic Consult

Telephone call for nutrition therapy. Complete assessment and nutrition plan implemented with written information emailed


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Email Consult

 Consult email by obtaining your information, then developing a plan individualized for your needs. Questions will be answered after initial plan developed and will be available as needed for brief questions. Follow up appointment will be necessary for more in depth issues. 

$70 initial 

$60 follow up

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Metabolic Testing

The gold standard for determining metabolism. This is an easy breathing test performed in your home or other private location. We will provide you with the results and recommendations related to the results.


$75 (w/insurance visit)

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Corporate Wellness

We can help your company decrease sick time and keep your employees healthy. We offer classes and wellness programs that encompass a variety of options. Most offerings are at no cost to your company since we bill insurance                                                                                                                                                                           

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